Eastern Tibet, the Land of Kham
Where the blue of the sky is known as the Turquoise of Heaven. Where the sky is distilled from turquoise itself...
High on the Tibetan Plateau beyond Mt Everest and the Himalayas, east of Lhasa and west of Chengdu, lies the land of Kham laying within Sichuan, Qinghai and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. Abounding in people who's origins are lost in antiquity; now nomads on the high pastures and farmers along the valley floors.
Deep valleys, where in summer semi tropical plants grow with alpine flora above the tree line, that carry three great rivers watering most of Asia; The Salween River ( Tib. Ngul-chu, Chi. Nu Jiang ), the Mekong ( Tib. Da-chu, Chi. Lancang Jiang ), the Yangtze River ( Tib. Dri-chu, Chi. Chang Jiang ). Among the mountain gorges and rushing rivers is Shangrila, but only those that live there know where.

Kham is the traditional name for an area bounded in the north by Gyegu, through Chamdo, Dege, Ganzi and Kangding to Lithang and beyond in the south. With few motor roads and with many mountain paths the land is steeped in history, strongly Buddhist and highly individual. Dialects and social customs are different from U-Tsang and Lhasa.

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